About Me

The name is Guin, short for Guinevere. There are so many names for what i do..leather worker, upholster, tailor, seamstress, fashion designer... though all of these are accurate, let’s just keep it simple;
I’m a Maker⚡️
I grew up learning to sew and create with my hands. If I wasn’t helping my mom with one of her sewing projects I was outside building treehouses with my brothers and sisters.
I started my first business when I was 17. Shortly thereafter, I took my first vacation without my family and everything changed.
Traveling really impacted my life. During fashion school, I traveled and explored exotic destinations and always had a desire and longing to bring everything with me. So I got to work. I made bags, holsters, utility belts and other purpose driven items and sold them at local craft fairs, events and festivals.
I got into motorcycles and fell in love with life on two wheels. I wanted to bring my craft to the motorcycle world so I registered for upholstery classes and soon began work in a motorcycle shop in Salt Lake City. I made custom motorcycle seats alongside another upholsterer.
I decided to plant roots, buy a home and Work to to build wha is now one badass studio in down town Salt Lake(photos coming soon). Spring is just around the corner and i’ve been gearing up for so many awesome events here in Utah and on the road, can’t wait! Sewing for a living has always been my dream and I work hard to keep that dream alive everyday! I’m so happy and proud of myself for pushing through the struggles and hardships. It’s been and educational and humbling experience to say the least. Thank you All for the kind words & support over the years and your continued support for me in my passion for creating.
If you have a product that needs sewing, interest in a product I’ve built or you’d like my involvement in a project idea you have, get ahold of me, I’d LOVE to help.
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